Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back into the swing of things...

Hello lovely bloggers, although we are back in the 'real' world now, it's proving interesting and somewhat tricky to get back into the swing of things. Our trip around Australia was amazing and full of fabulous experiences for our whole family, we really found some brilliant places and people out there!

The girls are loving being back at school, and have been retelling their tales of adventure to all their friends. We too, are endeavoring to return to 'normal life' as I am looking for work (yay, not!) as poor Hubby has another operation on the horizon.

After the blogging marathon I embarked upon as we travelled, I must admit I am feeling somewhat burnt out, and I am a little sad that I'm not really motivated to blog at the moment. I know the love of it will eventually return, but until then, I am loving all of your blogs, and am continually inspired by the genius and beauty you share.

Take care
Flick xo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful Bundaberg, Easter in Queensland.

We had such a lovely, quiet Easter in Bundy with My Aunty.. I found it a really refreshing change from the usual commercialized scenario we try and avoid at home.
The kids have all their school influences, and we usually feel so obligated to dash from family to family, instead of just relaxing, spending quality time as a family, and appreciating all we have to be thankful for.

This Easter we had a tasty lunch at My Aunty's house, a swim at the beach, a stroll on the turtle beach collecting shells and rocks, and just soaked in the day... We all loved it, and will aspire to do something similar next year at home!

Here are a few pics to catch you up..

My lovely Aunty H!

The 'Basin', a protected little swimming area at Bargara Beach...

A great spot for families.

A little project I'm going to try at home..

The Marina Cafe at Burnett Heads.. Great cake!!

Have a fabulous week.

Flick xo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Anzac day...

It's not my family.. but it could have been.

The flame burns, representing our eternal gratefulness for their sacrifice.

The list is never ending.. the poppies, a colourful reminder for us all.

The monument in Canberra is absolutely beautiful, perfectly maintained, and chock full of interesting information and artifacts from so many wars..

Inside, there are helpful veterans giving heartfelt guided tours.. it has a very different impact hearing about war from someone who really knows.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hi from Coffs Harbour!

Hi lovley bloggers, just a quick post from Coffs Harbour, Northern New South Wales.

We are loving this beautiful place, and were so excited to feel the warmer air, and see all the tropical plants here! The beach is right behind where we are camping, and there is abundant wildlife to keep the kids entertained.

My camera had been misbehaving, so these images are all of Coffs, via google images.
We had a visit to the 'Big Banana' of course, and enjoyed the beaches until the rain arrived. At least it was warm, 'straight down' rain, so all my washing under the caravan awning still stands a chance at drying (maybe!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello Lovelies! No, I have not quite fallen off the face of the earth... I just can't find as much time as I would like to sit down, read your beautiful blogs and keep up with mine!

We have been in Mildura, then headed into NSW, I just wanted to share some pics with you. I took the photos of the roses at the Inland Botanical gardens. The garden is beautiful, and it was a lovely warm day when we were there, so as we walked over the hill, we could smell the beautiful scent of these roses before we even saw them!

The old, original shearing shed has been rebuilt on the premesis, and is now a function centre.. it's really beautiful, with heaps of carachter!

It was just dreamy wandering around, with the warm sun on our backs, and just the faintest buzz frm the bees in the background... ahhhh

We also stayed in Echuca, a beautiful town on the edge of the Murray river, filled with history and Paddle Steamers! I 'retro-ed' up a few pics from there, just for something different.


Flick xo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Heavenly Hobart!

We have been exploring Hobart this past week, and I am loving the history and the architecture. This city really has character, and it just has been a beautiful place to visit. We have been so blessed with lovely weather, apparently we must have brought it with us!

I was hoping we would make it to the historical convict town of Port Arthur, and as we had a perfect day, we spent it wandering slowly around this amazing place. So much has been kept as it was in those days, that you really get a sense of how things were. Beautiful ruins, some being restored, and stories to go with them.

The top of Mt Wellington on a clear day...

The top the day before... a little cloudy!

from the boat cruising Port Arthur

A beautiful sight from the water...

A random, but sweet, Japanese wedding on the grounds.

The clock tower, now museum

The old laundry in ruins

A view across the grounds of some of the little homesteads

Tessellated paving.. all natural and a total wonder...

The shells at 7 mile beach, we collected so many that day!

The collection is growing steadily.

Beautiful valley views heading in to Hobart

I am trying to be good and keep up with the updates, but it is tricky sometimes on the road, so please forgive me, and my lack of visits to all your gorgeous blogs! I can't wait to catch up on them all :)

Take care,
Flick xo

The Little Troublemaker

The Little Troublemaker
Looks too cute!